The ABCs of ITPs

A Step-by-step Guide on Completing IEP Forms Related to Transition

A 1 hour and 45 minute Presentation

In 2004, when the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act was reauthorized, the call for transition assessments, planning, and services was expanded and emphasized. In an effort to comply with the new requirements of the reauthorization, the concept of the "Individual Transition Plan" (ITP) was adopted by some states and in most districts and SELPAs in California. 

Unfortunately, confusion and misunderstandings of the ITP form itself and its legal foundation has caused transition planning to be the focus of an increasingly new amount of legal disputes. In fact, one of the most cited cases involving the ITP is the Lessard Decision which points out that the ITP alone cannot be used as the basis to determine if a district has met the transition mandate under IDEA. So, then, how can a district be certain that they are meeting the transition mandate of IDEA?

The answer to this question and more is discussed in The ABCs of ITPs. This training not only provides a step-by-step guidance to completing the ITP forms, but more importantly, does so by first providing an explanation the legal foundation for each section of the ITP. Additionally, lessons learned from court cases about what to do and what not to do on the ITP are reviewed. Attendees will be given an example ITP and offered many practice pointers and tips that will help in writing legal and effective transition plans that are seamlessly integrated into the overall IEP. Attendees will also be given the "Transition Planning Rubric" that helps to measure any given ITP against legal, compliance, and research indicators.

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