Transition 101

A Quick-Start Guide to IDEA’s Transition Mandate & the Implications for Developing Compliant Transition Plans

A 90-minute Presentation

The transition planning and implementation process for secondary students with disabilities is a process for which many educators feel unprepared. It is no surprise that since the current transition mandate became law in 2004, cases involving transition-related disputes have steadily increased and with families prevailing in most cases.

Credentialed professionals who work with transition-aged students have a wide range of competence related to transition due to differences in teacher pre-service programs and employment experiences. However, regardless of where one falls on this competency spectrum, continued professional development in transition is a necessity for nearly every transition practitioner and administrator since recent research and court decisions continue to shape and change our understanding of best practices and policy related to transition.

Transition 101 is the ACES flagship course that offers something for new and experienced transition professionals alike. It covers the basic questions of transition, including:

-What does IDEA really say about Transition?
-What is Indicator 13 and how does it affect transition practices?
-What are “age appropriate transition assessments”?
-What are postsecondary goals?
-What are transition services?

Going beyond the basics, Transition 101 takes a look at emerging transition-related research that has greatly impacted how we understand the transition process for students with disabilities. Likewise, Transition 101 highlights court cases that have altered how we interpret the legal mandate of IDEA and its implications for practice. Both of these areas, that is, emerging research and court decisions, have major implications for how to develop transition plans that are compliant, effective, supported by research. From these sources, we answer questions such as:

-What are transition skills?
-Which transition skills must schools address?
-Are my transition assessments aligned to law and best practices?
-How can I know if a transition plan is legally compliant and research-based?

In about 90 minutes, Transition 101 aims to provide both new and experienced transition professionals with the foundational information they need to move towards more legal and effective transition planning. Attendees will be given a one-page “Transition Plan Rubric” that itemizes the most critical elements of a Transition Plan based on IDEA, Indicator 13, and nationally accepted research. Transition 101 along with the “Transition Planning Rubric” will help transition practitioners and administrators quickly identify where their transition plans and practices need improvement. 

Transition 101 is a great opportunity for individuals looking to improve their overall competency and practices related to transition assessment, planning, and implementation. Likewise, Transition 101 is a great resource for
organization-wide professional development. 

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Group Access with Multiple Login Credentials (Discounted Rate)
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This option provides a discounted group rate and easier enrollment process for organizations who want to give access to Transition 101 to five or more members to watch on their own time. Each staff member will have their own login credentials and have full access to Transition 101 for 60-days. Moreover, Transition 101 comes with a quiz that organizations can choose to make optional or required so that attendees can demonstrate proof of attendance and understanding of the content. To purchase this pricing plan, please complete the Registration Form. Once processed, ACES staff will enroll each member in the course and email them directions on how to login to Transition 101.

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ACES' three core training modules include Transition 101, Transition Assessments, and the ABCs of ITPs. Purchase these three modules as a bundle and save.

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