The Transition Rubric:
A Case Study

An in-depth analysis of a sample Individual Transition Plan using the "Transition Rubric"

A 40-minute Training Module

During the "Transition 101" training module, attendees are introduced to a one-page “Transition Plan Rubric” that itemizes the requirements of an Individual Transition Plan (ITP) based on IDEA, Indicator 13, and nationally accepted research. The purpose of this rubric is to help practitioners and administrators quickly measure any given ITP against these legal, compliance, and best practices standards. 

"Transition Rubric: A Case Study" training module picks up where Transition 101 ended by using the Transition Rubric to measure a sample ITP against these standards. Each item on the rubric is discussed and explained in detail while using the sample ITP as an example.

Not only will attendees be given an in-depth discussion on each item of the rubric, but they will also see a sample ITP that meets all of the standards on the Transition Rubric.

This training module comes as a free bonus with any purchase of Transition 101 or the Full Access Bundle.  It is not available as a stand-alone module.